welcome. i've got cookies. i'm not gonna share.

Well, hello human-beings and those of you who don't consider themselves as one.

Here I come together with all of my wisdom to pour it all down your throats until you've got enough.

I am 25 years old (for another 2 weeks at least), I live in Warsaw, Poland and my life is quite boring.

I decided to join the blogosphere to document my life as it's on its way to some major changes.

I am starting a new job soon and I've decided that it's the best time to try and at least do something with my life. For once.

So. You can count on me to try on all of those dumb or fake youtube and pinterest hacks and tips and trick trying to lose weight, become a minimalist, go vegan and grow a garden full of unicorns on my balcony (yes, I have balcony, I'm fancy AF), because apparently I can't achieve anything before watching a Youtube tutorial on the subject before-hand.

Here are some of the things you can count on from me:

  • an honest opinion,
  • snarky remarks,
  • sarcasm,
  • lots of sarcasm,
  • no, like seriously a lot of sarcasm, it's basically my first language,
  • getting a laugh from my dumb failing, a lot.
This is it for the intro. It's perfectly chaotic. Just like I am.
Boring too.
Sorry for that.

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