My tiny make up collection.

ENG: Here comes something that nobody asked for. My tiny make up collection.
I love watching make up collections and decluttering videos, those are my guilty pleasures, but even though I like make up, I try to be reasonable, and so I try not to buy products that I don't need. I used to buy hords of cheap make up, because I wanted to have a huge make up collection so I've ended up with a stash of cheap, not really good products that I wouldn't use. And then I grew up and completely change my strategy in shopping. I decided to choose quality over quantity and so I managed to create my tiny collection, it's mix of drugstore and high-end make up.

PL: Nadchodzi czas na to, o co nikt nie prosił, czyli moją mini kolekcję makijażu. Uwielbiam oglądać na YT kolekcje makijażowe i robienie w nich porządku, ale mimo, że lubię make-up, staram się być rozsądna i nie kupuję rzeczy, których nie potrzebuję. Kiedy byłam młodsza i dopiero zaczynałam się malować, kupowałam masę tanich produktów, niezbyt dobrej jakości, jako, że marzyła mi się wielka kolekcja, taka jak u tych słynnych youtuberek. Tak więc skończyłam z masą produktów, większość niezbyt dobrej jakości, z których połowy nie używałam. A potem dojrzałam trochę i zupełnie zmieniłam nastawienie do zakupów. Zaczęłam wybierać jakość, zamiast ilości, i tak o to powstała moja miniaturowa "kolekcja" makijażu.

ENG: I've decluttered my make up so that it would fit into two small, wooden IKEA boxes, I also keep brushes nearby. I don't have many, most of them are pretty cheap bought as a set, you know, the "made in China" type. I have a few Real Techniques brushes that I bought when I went to the States (they're cheaper there). I only own two really good brushes that I splurged for. One of them is Sephora's pro powder brush no. 59 and the other one is M.A.C's eyeshadow classic - 217. To be honest with you guys I could do make up with just those two, and if I'm in hurry I usually end up doing that.

PL: Uporządkowałam mój make up, tak, żeby zmieścił się do dwóch, małych pudełek z IKEI, obok nich, w zwykłej szklance, trzymam pędzle. Nie mam zbyt wielu pędzli, większość z nich pochodzi z zestawu chińskich pędzli, który kupiłam za 50 zł na Allegro, kilka lat temu. Mam kilka sztuk z Real Techniques, które kupiłam jeszcze będąc w Stanach (tam są sporo tańsze). Tak naprawdę mam tylko dwa porządne pędzle, na które się wykosztowałam. Pierwsza z nich to Sephora numer 59, pędzel do pudru, który wykorzystuję również do konturowania. Druga to klasyk z M.A.C, pędzel do rozcierania cieni numer 217, który kupiłam w czasie noworocznej wyprzedaży, kiedy mieli 25% zniżki. Prawdę mówiąc, zwykle używam tych właśnie pędzli do wszystkiego.

ENG: This is my entire collection. I keep "face" make up in the bigger box and lip and eyes products in the smaller one. The only thing that may not be entirely visible is an Inglot freedom system palette that's hidden under the smaller box.

PL: O to moja cała kolekcja. Podzieliłam wszystkie kosmetyki na dwie kategorie. "Twarz" jest w większym pudełku a produkty do oczu i ust znajdują się w mniejszym. Jedyna rzeczą, którą niezbyt widać jest paletka róży i pudru do konturowania z Inglota, która jest pod mniejszym pudełkiem.

My face make up:
Produkty do twarzy:
  • Primers: (all are in travel sizes, since I have a pretty sensitive skin and would rather test it out first before buying the full sized version):
    • bareMinerals "Prime Time" - I will definitely repurchase this, because I enjoy it a lot and it makes my skin look flawless, plus it works really well with my foundation.
    • benefit "the POREfessional" - I'm almost out of this but I will not be repurchasing it. It's not a bad product but it's way too expensive for me and I like the bareMinerals one more. Also it always feels like there is a lot of silicone on my face whenever i put it on.
    • M.a.c "Strobe Cream" - this is my Holly Grail. I don't usually like shining make up, I don't really like shimmers and glitter, etc. but this is amazing. The glow is really beautiful and it makes for perfect "dewy" skin, even worn under foundation. It works well even on my combination (but more oily) skin. I will for sure buy the full size once I'm out of it (and when there's a sale, because it's pretty expensive).
    • M.a.c "Skin base visage" - I haven't tried it out yet. I don't want to open it until I'm out of the Benefit primer, but I got it as a sample when I've ordered something from their internet store.
  • Foundation:
    • Rimmel "Match Perfection" 101, Classic Ivory - I like this foundation but I don't think it's anything spectacular. It's good for everyday use. Light and comfortable on skin. I'm also almost out of it so I'm starting to think about buying the new one and am doing research as to which one I should buy (I'm strongly leaning toward's the Too Faced "Born This Way", because I want to try it out and most of the reviews I've read so far were positive).
    •  Garnier "Miracle Skin Perfector" BB Cream, Light, Combination to oily skin - It's an okay product that I use mostly during summer. I don't really like heavy coverage and I have a pretty good skin, so it's usually enough for me.
  • Concealers:
    •  Maybelline "Instant Age Rewind" 120, Creamy Ivory - another ok product that I'm using until I'll empty it out. I probably won't be repurchasing it, since I'd rather try out something new.
    • L'oreal "True Match, Super Blendable Perfecting Concealer" 1, Ivory - this is a great product. I really like it and use it a lot. I wouldn't call it a holly grail, because even though it's a nice product it's nothing special really.
    • L'oreal "Lumi Magique, Touch of Light" 1, Light - this is a really nice highlighting concealer that I use mostly under my eyes, since it is a little peachy, and it's the best color to use under eyes. I will definitely buy it again when it's on sale. Unless I'll find something better.
  • Powders (this is definitely incomplete, I need to buy a translucent powder and I'm thinking about Make Up For Ever's "Ultra HD", I'm saving my money):
    • Astor "Mattitude Powder" 002, Porcelain - a good product that I'm using until I'll hit the pan. I'm not that much on the whole matte look, I prefer natural look, so I don't put too much on, but it makes my make up stay on well, and since pressed powders don't really expire, I'm going to be using it for a long time.
    • Maybelline "Affinitone" 09, Opal Rose - another good product that doesn't disappoint but also doesn't make me sing it praises. Good powder that you can depend on.
  • Blushes (I don't really use blushes, so I don't own that much. I'm naturally easily getting red and with my light make up, it's enough):
    • Inglot "Freedom System" palette - it's a customized palette, consisting of three blushes and one contouring powder. I got it as a gift (I could pick out the colors myself), I really wanted for it to be matte palette and I really like it, blushes are easily buildable and well pigmented but not enough to make yourself look like a clown. I tend to put them on with fingers and just blending with blush. I don't remember the blushes colors and I can't really take them out. Plus they smell like roses.
    • Bourjois "Blush" 95, Jasper Rose - this is the first blush that I've ever bought, it smells amazing and shimmer is nice enough that it doesn't make me look tacky. It's a pretty color, light and could be used as highlighter. I also like the brush that is inside.
  • Bronzer:
    • Too Faced "Milk Chocolate Soleil" - I only have one bronzer in my entire collection and I chose this one for a few reasons. Firstly, it smells like chocolate - always a plus. Secondly, it's a really beautiful, light color that doesn't look orange. It's perfect for my skin tone. I probably won't ever hit a pan on this, since I don't use much of bronzers anyway, but it's a really good thing.
  • Highlighter:
    • The Balm "Mary-Lou Manizer" - this is the classic, absolutely my holy grail, and I'm pretty sure it's the only highlight I'll ever need. It looks really charming on my skin and I tend to use it also as an eye shadow in the corners of my eyes. I probably won't run out of it but if I would, I'll definitely buy it again. 

  •  Eye Make-up (I don't have much as I can do all my make up just using those products. I'm not a big fan of a very strong eye make up, it's not a complete collection though, I certainly lack a few products, I need to buy black and brown eye pencils, eye shadow primer and I'm planning on buying one more eye palette):
    • Urban Decay "Naked Basics" - that is my first high-end product. I've decided that I needed a good eye palette but since I don't really like a shiny make up, I wanted to purchase one that has more mattes and this one is perfect for that. In all honestly, I use mostly just three shadows - W.O.S, Naked 2 and Faint. Venus is a highlight shade that I don't really need since I'm usually using Mary Lou-Manizer instead. It also got a little dirty when my Crave (the shimmery black) broke. Foxy is too yellow for me. But those three colors that I mentioned earlier are great, especially Naked 2 which I'm mostly using in crease. I don't know if I'd repurchased it. It's not a bad palette, but honestly, I only use three shades and I think that I'd rather use something else, maybe Too Faced "Chocolate Bar" or The Balm's "Meet Matt(e)". This one is definitely good for travelling though, since it's so handy. I'm also buying my first Sleek's palette, since I've heard so much about them.
    • Astor "Big & Beautiful Boom! Volume Mascara", Ultra Black - I only own two mascaras and I prefer this one. To be honest, I don't really understand the purpose of buying expensive mascaras since they dry out rather quickly and you can have the same effect using drug store once. I especially don't get wasting your money on expensive mascaras when somebody wears fake eye-lashes. So I don't buy them. I've once got an Estee Lauder's one from my cousin who works in Sephora but I got allergic reaction to it and was teary-eyed to the point where I had problems seeing. So I gave it away. And I'm still using this one the most. It's a really good product, it never smugs on me, my eyelashes always look really long and natural. I will definitely buy it again, since it seems like the only product that works for me.
    • L'oreal "False Lash Wings Sculpt", Black - I've bought this one during sale in a drugstore, when all eye-products were 50% cheaper, because even though it's a drug-store product, it's still pretty pricey. I've bought it after hearing Amelia Liana's praises for it. And I was very disappointed. While yes, it definitely gives that "fake eyelashes" effect, it also smuges. A LOT. Like really a lot. I can't put it on without looking like panda. Also it's not a good mascara on it's own. I usually use it only as the second layer, because it looks tragic when used alone. I'm definitely not buying it again and I don''t recommend it to anyone.
    • Maybelline "Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H" 01, Black - this is another holy grail. I absolutely love this liner, it's a really good product in a resonable price, plus the brush that is in the set is great, better than any eye liner brushes I've used. Highly recommend.

  • Lip products (now this is one category where my "only neccessary products allowed" rule starts to tremble, I love lipsticks. Since I don't use much of eye make up, I can go pretty bold with my lips, and I do. I currently have only 6 lipsticks, but I'll definitely get more):
    • Sephora "Cream Lip Stain" 09, 10, 13 - I tend not to buy products in bulks. I need to try the formula first and only then I buy more products of the kind. And it was exactly like that when I purchased my first Sephora lip stain. No. 13 Marvelous Mauve is probably my favorite lip product of all time. It's long lasting, perfectly matte and just beautiful, it's my every day lipstick and it's absolutely amazing. Since I was satisfied with the formula I bought more, and I'm planning to buy at least two of the new colors that they came out with. I'm for sure buying no. 38 Sweet Raspberry, and I'm still trying to choose another one, but it will probably be 17 Dark Red.
    • M.A.C Lipstick, Velvet Teddy - this one is yet another classic. I've only bought it a few weeks ago but I'm very satisfied with it as of right now. The color is nice, it lasts pretty long and it makes for a nice alternative whenever I don't want to wear lip stain. I still have to use it more though, to test it out better.
    • Estee Lauder "Pure Color Envy" 320, Surreal Sun - I've managed to snatch this one on a sale. And I've bought it mostly to check out formula as I wasn't sure about the color just from the internet pic, but it turned out to be nice pinky-coral shade, that remains me a lot about Korean make up (which I'm obsessed with, Pony is my favorite make up artist on youtube). It's more on the sheen, glossy side but it looks very nice on the lips.
    • Golden Rose "Matte Lipstick Crayon" 19 - this one is as cheap as it gets. Golden Rose is not that well known outside of Poland (even though it's a Turkish brand), but it's a good product. I love crayons because they're so easy to put on and this one is a very nice, mauvy color. Again, yet another option for my everyday make up, whenever I don't feel like wearing lip stain. Their lipsticks are way more popular than crayons, but I tried it, and didn't like it at all. It was very dry, I had hard time putting it on my lips, and it didn't feel good.
So this is it. My entire "Collection".  I hope you enjoyed it.

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